Installation of the Figures for "Cor Liberum" / by Mike McCarthy

It has taken about seven months to carve the pieces for my Norton Hospital commission, "Cor Liberum". I have been telling folks that it seemed like it took twice that long for the two big figures to go from the elevated deck down to the pedestal. When the last seven months of your life is dangling from a crane 25 feet in the air, it is a very helpless feeling! When it has to happen twice, you can only imagine the stress! 

However, the crew from Methods and Materials out of Chicago did a superb job in rigging and setting the figures. On both figures, they were able to template the rods and set them perfectly the first time. Below are 2 videos showing the figures lowered over the edge down into the courtyard and being set in place. Its hard to believe that the small one is 4500 pounds and the big one is 6200 pounds. They make it look easy!