"Peace Lilly" is nearly complete! / by Mike McCarthy

Well, I have made it! the worst part of a sculpture is done. I really don't like doing the sanding on a sculpture. Maybe when I am famous I will hire an apprentice to do this hated task...lol! Seriously, I don't like to sand. But, the results are what they are. If you don't spend time sanding, you don't get the perfection a piece deserves. It is not fun, but it is necessary!

I will finish this piece tomorrow. I filed and sanded all of the bruises and scratches out today. It is sanded to 40 grit. That may not seem like much, given that I have to go to 400 grit paper, but the worst is over. Most of the work is done with the files and the lower grit papers. I will go to 60, 100, 220 and end with 400 grit paper. I think I will leave this one unwaxed. I like the dull finish. That has yet to be determined, but I am leaning that way. Stay tuned and I will post the final piece tomorrow!