"Vortex" is going through a name change to "Peace Lilly" / by Mike McCarthy

As I move towards completion on this sculpture from Indiana Limestone, I realize that "Vortex" is not the name for this one. I have settled on "Peace Lilly" The shape is so much more peaceful and serene than "Vortex" indicates. It has too gracefully of curves and lines to name it "Vortex". As I complete the piece, we will see if it sticks, but for now, "Peace Lilly" it is.

As for progress on this piece, it is entering its final stages. I am in the sanding process. This is the only part of sculpting stone that I don't enjoy. It is a necessary evil to end up with a really cool piece. I think I have one or two more days and then it will be complete and ready to move to a garden near you!