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“If The Spirit Is Willing” is Installed at Josephine Sculpture Park by Mike McCarthy

Mark Hendren loading my sculpture. 

Mark Hendren loading my sculpture. 

All things happen for a reason. Last year at the outdoor sculpture show at Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden two of my three pieces sold. That is a great show, but I was a little disappointed because I thought the one that did not sell was the strongest piece. “If the Spirit is Willing” was the sculpture that did not sell. 

Fast forward a year. I decided to enter “If the Spirit is Willing” into a juried show at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY. There were minimum size requirements for this show so that limited the entries. However, of the 20 entries, my sculpture was one of eight selected. That is always a great feeling to get that notice that your work has been accepted.  

So on Thursday I met Karen Terhune over where my sculpture was, picked her up and brought her home  then my next door neighbor, Mark Hendren loaded it on his trailer and I drove it out to the park.

The steel piece sitting behind my sculpture will be moved. 

The steel piece sitting behind my sculpture will be moved. 

I met the owner of the park, Melanie VanHouten at about 8:45. We set a limestone base and then the real fun began. We got to play with a big crane! I think cranes are an amazing engineering feat. The operator was incredible. He boomed over and dropped the hook right where I needed it. He lifter and set the dry fit with the smoothest touch I have seen. Lifted so I could get the safety out and reset in no time. Even though he set it so fast, nothing seemed rushed. It was great. 

So, if you are in Frankfort, KY, come out and see “If the Spirit is Willing” and the rest of the sculpture at Josephine Sculpture Park.

LVA Open Studio Weekend is this Weekend by Mike McCarthy

If you are in Louisville this weekend (November 4th and 5th), come by my studio and say hello! I am participating in the 2017 LVA Open Studio Weekend, a fundraiser for the Louisville arts community. I will have a lot of work there ant it will all be at a special studio sale price. You can also see the progress I have made on "Cor Liberum", my commission for Norton Hospital. You can stand next to the pieces and get the feel for how big this piece really is. I will have special pricing on Limestone carving blanks as well.

My studio is located at:

1807 Cargo Ct.

Louisville, KY 40299


"If The Spirit Is Willing" is featured in the magazine "Southern Indiana Living" by Mike McCarthy

Its one thing to have your work make it into a magazine...quite another to have a full page photo of your work at the start of an article about the sculpture show it is part of!

I was thrilled to receive a call from a friend telling me that she had picked up a bunch of "Southern Indiana Living" magazine and was bringing them to me because it had an article about the show I had help to organize. When she told me that it had a full spread featuring my sculpture "If The Spirit Is Willing", I was over the moon. It is always an honor when you are recognized for the hard work it takes to produce your art. To have it featured so prominently is amazing!


"Vortex" is going through a name change to "Peace Lilly" by Mike McCarthy

As I move towards completion on this sculpture from Indiana Limestone, I realize that "Vortex" is not the name for this one. I have settled on "Peace Lilly" The shape is so much more peaceful and serene than "Vortex" indicates. It has too gracefully of curves and lines to name it "Vortex". As I complete the piece, we will see if it sticks, but for now, "Peace Lilly" it is.

As for progress on this piece, it is entering its final stages. I am in the sanding process. This is the only part of sculpting stone that I don't enjoy. It is a necessary evil to end up with a really cool piece. I think I have one or two more days and then it will be complete and ready to move to a garden near you!

The KYANA Outdoor Sculptors Guild Invitational opens to a great crowd inspite of the rain! by Mike McCarthy

The opening reception for the first KYANA Outdoor Sculptors Guild Invitational was Friday, May 12. The reception took place at Bob Hill's Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden in Utica, IN.

At first, it appeared that the weather was not going to cooperate. The day started off rainy and  cool. However, by around 4:00 pm the rain gave up and the weather changed. It turned out to be a beautiful evening for the reception. The crowd was great, the food and music were great, the grounds were beautiful, but most of all, the art is stunning!

Opening night saw 3 pieces find new permanent homes. Mary Dennis Kanapell's "Garden Guardian" was the inaugural sale. Don Lawler's "Ghost Dancers" limestone sculpture followed soon after. My "Dance" completed the first days sales. 

The show is open until August 11, 2017. If you were scared off by the weather on Friday, head on out between now and August 11 and enjoy some beautiful art in a beautiful setting. Consider giving one of the other 40+ works of art a permanent home.

"Garden Guardian" by Mary Dennis Kanapell

"Garden Guardian" by Mary Dennis Kanapell

"Ghost Dancers" by Don Lawler

"Ghost Dancers" by Don Lawler

"Dance" by Mike McCarthy

"Dance" by Mike McCarthy

1st Annual KYANA Outdoor Sculptors Guild Invitational by Mike McCarthy

We are just a little over a week before the first sculpture invitational for the KYANA Sculptors Guild opens. I placed 2 of the 3 pieces I will have in the show last night. I was really excited about the quality of the work and how well it shows at Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden in Utica, Indiana. We still have a few more artists that have to place their work, but the garden looks really well balanced. There is a variety of different styles and materials. But all of them would make a great addition to an outdoor garden or space.

Join us for the fun on May 12, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm!!

"Cattails" Indiana Limestone 

"Cattails" Indiana Limestone 

First Annual KYANA Outdoor Sculptors Guild Invitational by Mike McCarthy

Some very exciting news: a group of five area sculptors, Don Lawler, Al Nelson, Karen Terhune, Meg White and myself for together to start a sculptors guild specifically geared towards large scale outdoor sculpture. We are excited to announce that we are kicking off a new invitational show at Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden in Utica, IN. It opens May 12 and runs through August 11 2017. The opening reception is May 12 from 5pm to 8pm. Join us for a wonderful show.