A Sculptors Heaven / by Mike McCarthy

Some may say that the picture below is boring. Some may say, "That looks like a lot of nothing". I say, "I am in heaven!!"

Two weeks ago, I went with a friend of mine and fellow sculptor, Karen Terhune to pick out the quarry rocks for my commission "For Liberum". We drove a short way up to just outside Bedford, Indiana to the quarries of Indiana Limestone Company. We met with Brent Blackwell, the best quarry man in the business, to pick out the blocks for the commission. The pictures are of just a few of the blocks that are available.

As you look at the photos, the blocks you see are mostly 25000 to 32000 pounds. Thats a big rock!!  The one with Karen standing next to it is a small rock. It is only 10000 pounds.

I picked out three blocks. They are 28000, 29000 and 32000 pounds. The quarry is going to do a few cuts for me to simplify the carving process. I will be receiving the blocks in a few weeks. I will post as they come in.